Poetry event

To conclude the conference we are hosting a poetry reading featuring a number of leading academic and literary translators. This public event will allow a modern audience to experience some of the most accessible and accomplished translations of recent decades. As many of the original texts were composed to be recited orally and enjoyed as part of a communal experience, this event offers a great opportunity to hear the translations performed as intended. It will serve as a fitting end to a conference that is concerned with remediation and the dialogue between poets and academics, and will allow for a greater appreciation of the relationship between the original material, the investigator, the interpreter and the contemporary audience.

Plenary speakers

Confirmed speakers include Professor Hugh Magennis (Queen’s University Belfast), Dr Carolyne Larrington (University of Oxford), Dr Chris Jones (University of St Andrew’s) and Dr Heather O’Donoghue (University of Oxford), as well as the acclaimed poets Bernard O’Donoghue, Trevor Joyce and Eamon Carr.


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